Mya's Mate

Mya's Mate

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This is my first attempt at a story on Wattpad. Hope you like it....

Mya is turning 25 today and goes to the club with her best friend, Mo.  All the girls wanted to do was have a good time celebrating Mya's birthday and new job at the new club CAVE. What they didn't expect was to find so much more.

Marcus and Jessie are werewolves.  They also own and manage CAVE. Who knew they'd find their mates on the same night and at their own club no less.

Can these two couples overcome everything from relationships to a whole world where were's run thangs.

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Gause23 Gause23 Aug 01, 2017
Wait bald that means he is old and that you are 25 ... oooookkkkkk
SashaDimeiro SashaDimeiro Jul 02, 2016
I'm a proud black girl too. ( So ensure there's no dising a bout my race )
MichedanetteMilfort MichedanetteMilfort Jun 02, 2016
Yaaaaas me 2 gurl we on da same pg so far but I'm jus way younger
joyfulnoise joyfulnoise Nov 15, 2013
@yokoangeldevil thanks a trillion for the comment. I likes to think that my story differs from others. I hope up enjoy it and leave me amother comment; good or bad  :)!
yokoangeldevil yokoangeldevil Nov 15, 2013
Finally, a great story to read. Not the usual mate rejecting and etc.. or family abuse, or the cheesy finding their mate being all sweet and cuddly.
BellaJohnson BellaJohnson Feb 22, 2013
Lol i like it btw i just get intense when characters do things i dont like haha