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Heroes of New York

Heroes of New York

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🌸Space Gays🌸 By PercyLeoIronmanLover Updated Oct 03, 2016

When 4 of the seven are sent on a mission they expect some monsters, yeah sure why not. What they don't expect is funky superheroes with a bald pirate. A genius, billionare, playboy, philanthropist unknown uncle? Sure why not add that to the list of things that aren't surprising anymore. And how about hot-yet-cold Elsa with Reindeergames? Things are about to get hot- err frosty? Cold? 

I DON'T own the Heroes of Olympus series or the Percy Jackson Series Uncle Rick does I don't. I DON'T own Marvel or any recognizable series that is on here okiedokie?

What has the world come 2? 
                              PERCY DENIED BLUE COOKIES?
                              THE WORLD IS ENDING!
Dani_Trienwood Dani_Trienwood Jun 29, 2016
Dally you've RAISED THIS KID! You should know that's not his specialty
Dani_Trienwood Dani_Trienwood Jun 29, 2016
Tony Stark
                              I bet the first few words he says are: I AM IRON MAN!
Dani_Trienwood Dani_Trienwood Jun 29, 2016
                              HOLY SHÎT WHERE'S VALDEZ??!?!!!!
Dani_Trienwood Dani_Trienwood Jun 29, 2016
Oh Loki God of Mischief and Khione the Goddess of Snow. Asgardian +Greek.
Echo_Lighting Echo_Lighting Dec 06, 2016
Me: Nick! NICK!
                              Nick: WHAT?
                              Me: We need T.A.H.I.T.I. Coulson's died again.
                              Nick: *groans*
                              Nick: *groans louder*
                              Nick: *screams angrily*
                              Nick: *shoots self while still screaming*