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Mr. Tutor (boyxboy) *Completed*

Mr. Tutor (boyxboy) *Completed*

88.8K Reads 4.4K Votes 22 Part Story
Love has no gender. By tampamanatee Completed

Miah Winters is used to being alone, and not feeling important. However that all seems to change when he gets asked to tutor the most popular boy in school. Will Grady Noel ever make him smile?

pinkyponk pinkyponk Dec 03, 2016
You can wash a cloth in a little time...don't think about it as not clean :P
robinhartley771 robinhartley771 Aug 05, 2016
lord of mercy.
                              what kind of a mother.
                              does that poor kid have.
shattered_redsoul shattered_redsoul Oct 01, 2016
Don't cry baby!
                              My mums so odd she usually laughs and congratulates me for breaking something! 😂😂
At first I was confused about who Jeremiah was then i thought about it ._. I knew I was stupid but not that stupid😂
robinhartley771 robinhartley771 Aug 05, 2016
oh! my heavens.
                              how can anyone do that to their children.
                              please ! someone save that young man.
seraph_of_yaoi seraph_of_yaoi Oct 28, 2016
My mom used to say that to me when I was younger when I broke something. Now she just laughs but helps me clean it up.