Baby Lips [l.s mpreg] (boyxboy)

Baby Lips [l.s mpreg] (boyxboy)

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emily By amourlouis Updated Feb 18, 2016


a high-school type au where Harry enjoys destroying the barriers surrounding gendered clothing and societal expectations - and baking. Louis is quiet and afraid of confrontation. Harry comes crashing into his life unexpectedly in a way that's actually pretty weird, if they're being honest, and they don't mean to fall in love, really.  Featuring confident, giggly Harry and lots of fluff. 
oh, and babies.

please be sure to read my author's notes for trigger warnings at the beginning of each chapter if you're worried by that sort of thing - i gotchu, fam. 
((all credit for this idea goes to kate @Iarrystylinson and so does the description thanks kate you're pretty cool))

larrysbbq larrysbbq Aug 28, 2016
or you could slide that desk on over and continue on your merry way
caracelim_x caracelim_x Sep 29, 2016
Don't be a hoe Harry. He better be the only person your asking for a kiss from.
harryisemo harryisemo Feb 04, 2016
Since Louis is a top and he's at the top of the list Harry likes to do (;
how do you guys at least not know each other's names after two months
RUDE. Never met anyone like that. Unless they were super quiet and said no because they had their own barrier. But they aren't rude. Harry is.
harryisemo harryisemo Feb 04, 2016
I'm so funny, aren't I funny? Yes I am very much funny wow I deserve an award