Fatty Me

Fatty Me

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Authors Note: this is about my journey through my weight loss. Drop a comment once you've read. this is not a joke poem! i can tell when people haven't read this by adding, lol's and lmao's to their comments. there's no humour in this. This is me putting my whole heart out on the line.


Looking in the mirror, what do I see?

All I see, is that fatty me

Living in darkness, hiding from the light

The fear of their glances gives me a fright

I want to be alone

In the darkness, of my own home

Eating my pain away

Bite by bite, hoping for this to be the last day

Please make this pain end

I can't live life in this body that will not mend

My hope has become weary, As my eyes become teary

Fat, fat, fat, they scream at me

I don't know where to go, they're all around, staring at me

They hate me, for what I am

I hate me, for what I am

I want it to be done

This existence, is anything but fun


Looking in the mirror, what do I see?

stormy_winds stormy_winds Sep 21, 2016
Love yourself 
                              Accept who you are.
                              None is perfect buddy, and you needn't be.
PaulyD101 PaulyD101 May 04, 2016
this is trash, just because your probably fat doesn't mean you have to write about it
d-aydreams d-aydreams Jul 14, 2016
This is very impressive. I think its amazing you are able to write about this. You are inspiring.
Vrail_Nightviper Vrail_Nightviper Jan 01, 2016
Wow. I didn't know you could write a poem! :) *hug* hope things are better for you dude. :(
MisticSilverLeaves MisticSilverLeaves Aug 11, 2015
I always feel this way almost every time I look in the mirror .when I go outside I feel like everyone is looking at me and judging me. I don't even like going outside .i just don't like me
Aabirah Aabirah Jun 24, 2015
That last line was touching. You now see the real inner you, and not what you used to objectify yourself. You the person and not the size.