Trapped // Lashton (Completed)

Trapped // Lashton (Completed)

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// SimpaticoLuke // By SimpaticoLuke Completed

Luke is trapped with the man who kidnapped him. 

Determination and help from his friends are the only ways in which he can escape from the fan gone to the extremes.

(Highest rank - #469 in fanfiction & #195 in Teen fiction)

I don't like to read too happy of books so you're good. It's one of the reasons you're one of my favorite authors.
whatsupits_steph whatsupits_steph Mar 26, 2016
                              it's me 
                              I was wondering if after all this time
                              you would let me go 
itsoktuesday itsoktuesday Aug 10, 2016
[murmuring] i'll hit you a little too hard in a minute, robert
itsoktuesday itsoktuesday Aug 10, 2016
true. i like how it's different and the kidnapper doesn't just leave him there to, you know, just guess what the hell is going on
Martika_XD Martika_XD Aug 12, 2016
I feel like when there's someone named Robert in a story there's a 50/50 chance they'll be innocent or corrupt.
ThatFangirlMegan ThatFangirlMegan Oct 03, 2014
Please keep updating! I can tell this story will be amazing!