The Voice (Luke Hemmings)

The Voice (Luke Hemmings)

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Skyler Mitchell. The girl with the tragic past, even if she doesn't say so herself. After moving from LA to Sydney with her mom she finds herself in a better place. She's happier, she has more friends... Even though she's being bullied by the school's 'populars' she doesn't let them get to her. She knows better. But when one of the 'populars' take a interest in her, she knows things are about to change. She wants nothing to do with him. But when he's kicked out of the 'populars' he changes. Drastically. A lip piercing, band shirts and black skinny jeans... Maybe there was more to him than just the annoying popular boy... He formed a band with 3 other guys, and made a YouTube channel. After that they became more and more popular and... Eventually they got asked by One Direction to be their opening act. Well, the earlier they were gone the better. 

Anyways, Skyler graduated High School and didn't know what to do with her life. Admit it, you shouldn't let an 18 year old choose between what to do her whole life. And she wasn't really looking forward to going to college either. So she decided to work for a year and save some money. But then her best friend Anna had to ruin her plans. She signed Skyler up for an audition for The Voice. She didn't protest though... It seemed fun and she didn't have anything to lose. But the year she auditioned the makers of the show decided to do it different. They would choose 4 judges and wouldn't tell the performers. So Skyler being Skyler, was hoping that it would be Alex Gaskarth, or Kellin Quinn.

But when she walked on stage she read that one name. The name of the boy she thought she'd never see again. The boy she hated in High School. Luke Hemmings. Will he remember her? Has he changed? Will he push the red button and turn around? Will he regret it when he knows who that Voice belongs to?

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Up_Lukes_Ass123 Up_Lukes_Ass123 Jul 23, 2017
Alex and kellin (andvic) are my fathers 
                              And ash.. I got a lot of fathers, okay?