A Jinni Just For You (ON HOLD)

A Jinni Just For You (ON HOLD)

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Um Hamsa 🐰 By PearlandIvory_ Updated Oct 19, 2016

Who in the world said magic only affects those who believe in it?
Elmas never thought that a harmless game of hoax magic could ever go this wrong. 

She is going crazy - even crazier than she already was - seeing and hearing things that aren't supposed to be there, talking to herself and waking up to find herself out on the streets in the middle of the night. 

It would have been fine by her if all this wasn't affecting her straight A-average and making her get in trouble- continuously. And if it hadn't all started upon the arrival of the mysterious new kid in the neighboring all-boys school, the one who turned out to be the guy whose face she saw during the freaky magic session.

But who he is; what it is about him that Elmas can't seem to shake - that there is someone else behind his façade - and why he is hell bent on turning her life upside down, are all mysteries to her.

Ones she should figure out before it's too late. 

Her mother always told her that magic is a very dark, very bad thing that she should stay as far away from as possible. But she didn't listen and now, she has to deal with the consequences. 


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Wonder_Land1 Wonder_Land1 Nov 24, 2015
I have a massive fear of being possessed by a Jinn. Inshaallhah it will never happen!
HiraBI HiraBI Aug 16, 2015
not to be a know it all but it's jinn before man soo... we"human" are actually the third race
Pandalicious09 Pandalicious09 Nov 27, 2014
Awww!!! Thanks for dedicating this chapter to me!!!!!! seriously i appreciate that a lot! Really <3 <3
                              This book seems really interesting..so excited! ;) can't wait for a new update!! Xx
SeekingSolitude SeekingSolitude Oct 29, 2014
This seems very interesting and well although I hate scaring myself imma give it a try :P
striving_muslimah striving_muslimah Oct 12, 2014
@preciousmuslimah, I can totally relate. Someone in my family was also possessed.
striving_muslimah striving_muslimah Oct 12, 2014
@PearlandIvory_ definitely not only yours. They're all over the place in Oman, especially houses we've had the misfortune to live in