The Drummer || a.i [completed]

The Drummer || a.i [completed]

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"So I heard you're into drummers."

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translated into Italian by @xImIntoDrummersx

completed 24.05.17

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Favorite song by him, period (he's such  a good artist why is no one giving him attention ughhh!!!)
we’re generation z
                              more like generation dead
                              why don’t we listen to anything that x and y have said
I always wondered what happened to those kids on that show 
                              Now, they've been found
Dogmastah67 Dogmastah67 2 days ago
Shawn.......i love him so much with 1D the vamps 5sos(obviously) charlie puth and alot more
I just noticed how much they've grown 
                              I sound like a mom and I know that Im younger than them but damn
                              I remember them so differently 
                              Puberty hit like a truck
                              And its only been 3 years
Ahh so thankful that Nathan is finally getting some attention❤