Lower Than The Omega BoyXBoy <currently being fixed and slow updates>

Lower Than The Omega BoyXBoy <currently being fixed and slow updates>

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Still Writing By MollyKillers Updated Feb 25, 2017

Keegan is a werecat it's like a werewolf but instead of a wolf he turns into a snow leopard. Two years ago he left his werecat pack and found himself a werewolf pack. Since being the newest outside member (and also being a non werewolf) he's considered the lowest ranking member. Even lower then the omega.

Ashton is working on becoming the next alpha of his pack. 

When the two of them meet at school will Ashton protect his werecat mate or will he beat him up like his best friend and beta Jackson does. Read to find out!!!

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Loloboom Loloboom Mar 14
Me everyday except I have dirty blonde hair that I want to dye black but my mom would kill me
Okay now why wouldn't a teacher get suspicious I mean ...uhgh do  they even care for our little cute fluffy keegan!
NicklausGreg NicklausGreg Nov 21, 2017
Technically feline aren’t pack animal, they prefer solitary life and only join when they’re mating... also snow leopard are very territorial creature
Ok seriously why do people always bully the awesomest people, like come on! Don't worry Keegan this girl got your back *laughs* not literally XD sorry
Why doesn't anybody see this?! *smacks people's faces* u can see me right now try and use ur eyes and see him
Ahem mister shall I teach u a lesson on manners cause I think you need one