Rakayea Stark(Game of Thrones)

Rakayea Stark(Game of Thrones)

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AlphaGrace By AlphaGrace Updated Jul 01, 2014

Anyone else notice that this was deleted again? I'm getting so pissed. Why does my description keep disappearing?? This changes a little more each time I have to re-type it!!

Anyway. I DO NOT own Game of Thrones. It's an awesome TV series as well as amazing books, the only thing that I own would be Rakayea.

Rakayea Stark, Daughter of Lord Eddard Stark, warden of the North, and Lady Catlyn. Robb Starks twin sister, and elder sister to the young ones. Known in Winterfell for being the mediator between her siblings as well as a superior archer.

Her life is thrown into chaos when her family is spread across Westeros as a war starts. Will her sharp wit keep her and her family alive? Will she ever see Winterfell again? Or will Lion's keep getting in the way?

    Hmmm... A couple of grammar errors here and there, but this story seems interesting.
    deipnophobia deipnophobia Jun 13, 2016
    What did you expect? Of course the women is gonna be chilly towards her hubbys bastard
    Ossie_The_Flea Ossie_The_Flea Mar 13, 2016
    Lol I read that as nine days I'm like woah impressive memory
    Epictimewithnerd Epictimewithnerd Aug 17, 2015
    If you wonder what character she may be with Jamie Lannister
    romyftkane romyftkane Feb 03, 2015
    Hahhah yeah I got that a lot too, I was very confused when I watched the first episode though, I was like; Bran  doesn't have brown hair?? But yeah, the producers can't capture every little detail. :)
    romyftkane romyftkane Feb 03, 2015
    @Anabelle_Marie_Evans In the show his hair is brown, in the books it is a mix of Catelyns auburn hair and his fathers blackish hair :)