You need ME, I don't need YOU

You need ME, I don't need YOU

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LOVEY DOVEY TEENS By TheWriteSide Updated Feb 26, 2017

"Your a TEASE, Jocelyn. That's all you ever were." Drew's voice roared. The Lunch room was now quite, watching our scene as it unfolded.

I scowled as I crossed my arms over my chest, "Oh, Im a TEASE." I said, matching his tone

"YES" Drew said bluntly as he narrowed his eyes at me

"Tell Me If this is a TEASE," I said as I pushed him down on top of the Lunch Table, Crawling over top of him, making Reese and Darren move their treys from my way.

Yea, I could feels peoples eyes widen, as they couldnt believe what I was doing. I now straddled Drew's waist, his deep blue eyes Twinkled as I moved in slowly, about to press my lips to his. Before I did, I turned my head so that my lips were pressed to his ear.

 "You Need ME, I don't need YOU." I said before climbing off of him and Strutting out of the lunch room.

"Josie," Drew called my name making me twirl as I met his glane, "That Was Deffinently a, TEASE." He said with that familiar smile.

I rolled my eyes. . . He was nothing without me, and he knew it.

Josie's back from Englan. . Drew's gunna make her wish she never came back . I know what your thinking, but NO. Their so not falling in love, if anything it was the total oppisite.

x_kera_x x_kera_x Dec 18, 2017
I did this once...... I almost died when I choked on the toothpaste after it flew down my throat 😐
andrews40 andrews40 Oct 08, 2017
Bruh que pedo if she had left for 3 years she should have been a senior and her brother in college alreadyy , like clarify
charlarrylotty charlarrylotty Jun 02, 2016
I have math first thing every day and one day it's two classes of math in a row.
ifyoueverfoundout ifyoueverfoundout Jul 09, 2016
I was running for cross country and I guy over took me and he touched/tried to grab my hand & I freaked!
- - Aug 06, 2016
uhh she lost her virginity at age 13 that's pretty gross man
JosephineOsei JosephineOsei Jul 26, 2015
Oh Jose what have you gotten yourself into (I know... I'm commenting again a year later)