Madara Uchiha x Reader - Be Loyal To Me

Madara Uchiha x Reader - Be Loyal To Me

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Vicky Whieldon By xXShinobi11Xx Updated Oct 01, 2014

(I do not Own Madara Uchiha or anything from the Naruto franchise!!! :3)

You were on a mission ordered by the Hokage to go look for some spies that had been spying on the leaf village.
'I wonder where these spies are, I mean I've been running for hours and haven't seen a living thing for a while now...' You thought to yourself.

You continued running until you started to see movement; it was coming from a bush on your right. As soon as you looked you saw a kunai knife shoot past you which skimmed your face making blood dribble across your face as the wind blew it to the start of your hairline. You stopped dead, waiting for somebody to come into view. Suddenly a man started to snicker and came running full force to __, she put her hands in front of her face to defend herself, awaiting a physical fight of taijutsu.
"Heh, that petty little stance won't help you here!" You just stared at him, with the same expression on your face. Another man came behind the girl and knocked her unconsci...

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hillbillykelp2161 hillbillykelp2161 Apr 29, 2017
That's not a very good comparison. My sisters dog runs off to the neighbors every week and doesn't come back. We have to dognap her dog back. He ain't very loyal.
roses8489 roses8489 Oct 20, 2017
Lol, what if I came to my senses and didn't do it Cux he's evil?
MilayTheKunoichi MilayTheKunoichi Nov 21, 2017
“I need someone to help me take over the world” Eh why tf not
pityoux pityoux Nov 06, 2016
I laughed when it said he died on the spot. I imagined him just dying outta no where like. Nvm somethings wrong with me.
Gracyfangirl2020 Gracyfangirl2020 Oct 04, 2016
(jaw is dropping to the ground) I am toghjeter with MADARASAMA!