The Princess of Pirates

The Princess of Pirates

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Thannujah Mathiy By luckycharms Completed

Princess Nerina of Caspian is a troubled girl dreaming of adventures on the great blue sea. She is always trying her hardest to disobey her mother, who wants her as far away from the ocean as possible for reasons that are unknown to everyone except the King and Queen of Caspian. 

     Nerina’s parents cause to possibly protect her isn’t helped at all, especially when she meets the gorgeous and dashing yet stubborn Captain Edward Smith III, the son of the dead Caspian King of Pirates.

     Though their meeting was a complete misunderstanding, the two are forced to sail together as they learn of the great darkness that lurks deep in the ocean… which may have more to do with Nerina and Edward then they think.

     And soon enough, the two find themselves pulled into a passionate and senseless love that no one is happy with.

Bookshype Bookshype Feb 12
Nice start. I like how insincere Nerina is, at least now in the beginning.
Great start! In a few word you gave me all the key word of this story. Thumbs up for the cursing guy👍🏻
ed2wfu ed2wfu Nov 18, 2015
Strong and consistent voice. Crazy good! Really enjoyed it. I would like more, more!
BlueRose8 BlueRose8 Sep 30, 2015
OMG. That was the one if the best intros I have ever read. So captivating!!!!
Deliquio Deliquio May 18, 2015
BloodyRoseThorns BloodyRoseThorns Nov 07, 2013
Thannujah I love ur stories and ur a BFF of mine. :) I've been wanting to read this and now that's it finished I finally can get started :) love ur work and hope to talk to u soon.