The One In The Shadows

The One In The Shadows

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♡Vanshita♡ By Vxnshita11 Updated Oct 14, 2020

Paige Martin, a hardworking assistant of the top class model Aria Cambell. But she never wanted to be just an assistant. She wished to become a fashion designer and dress the models rather than assist her.

Keith Carter, an detective who is known to be the best one. He is summoned when shenanigans take place on the red carpet.

Just when Paige feels like her life is not where it should be and thinks of giving up. She crosses paths with someone she wished could be her soulmate.

But things are not as easy as they seem, people come and go, but some people cling on.

Jaden's bestfriend has a crush on since primary school, who is none other than Paige.

Many links unravel when Aria is attacked.

Keep reading to find out:)