[Fairy Tail] Sting Eucliffe x Reader

[Fairy Tail] Sting Eucliffe x Reader

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Minako By Sekata Completed

The fight against the seven dragons and their hatchlings was one of the toughest challenges that had to be completed by a guild.

But by joining forces, they succeeded to preserve Fiore before its complete annihilation. It was not only an ultimate battle for survival, because new friendships were made.

Once considered as enemies in the Grand Magic Games, the members of Sabertooth stood side by side with the Fairy Tail members, to eliminate the threat.

To express his deepest gratitude and to celebrate the completion of the Grand Magic Games, the king of Fiore, Toma É Fiore, decided to organize a grand ball. This way he was able to gather all heroes from the battle, to thank them personally and also this was a good opportunity for the once foe guilds, to toast for their new friendships. Everything could be so beautiful now that the world is peaceful again.

At first glance, anyway.

You noticed a change in your boyfriend's behavior for a long time. Your boyfriend, Gray Fullbuster,...

Karyary Karyary Sep 10
Have you posted this story on Quotev as well? I think I saw it there a few months ago.
kitty-neko kitty-neko Jul 27, 2016
You don't know what do you mean by that that's like me going up to my mom and asking if she loves me and she says I don't know
-Slut-For-Memes- -Slut-For-Memes- Apr 30, 2016
Well Gray , way to be a jerk . BUT YOUR STILL MY SECOND FAVORITE CHARACTER !!! It's just in this book your being a jerk . *Shakes Head * This is anime stop getting obsessed .
mangosrbae mangosrbae Jun 19, 2016
Gray and sting are the cutest guys ever! Gray, how could treat me like this! Huh! did I mean nothing to you! You beautiful waste of feelings T-T
_Jeneration _Jeneration Feb 09
                              GRUVIA FOR LIFE, NOT GREADER FOR LIFE
Vampira_the_Vampire Vampira_the_Vampire Oct 27, 2015
You know what Gray
                              GO DIE IN A HOLE! WE'RE THROUGH! OVER!