The Beauty Behind The Beast

The Beauty Behind The Beast

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"Wolfgang Soulsong, at your service," he purred in a voice like spun silver, and swept into a graceful bow, his hazel eyes flashing amber for a moment.

Eleanor hates him, this strange fragile youth with the burning eyes of a wolf. And yet he saved her, loves her and watches over her like a guardian angel. 
He locks her up in his mansion and won't let her out of his sight. She waits, patiently, until the day she will be free of him. 

But then, somehow, she can't imagine a single day without him at her side.

I already love this.  Its original unlike the other books where the alpha kidnaps her or forcefully takes her and stuff.
She's very sarcastic and sassy in her thoughts. Gives some view of her personality
jal2020 jal2020 Sep 06
And i was thinking of running out the house the other day after a fight with mom...
rudolph21 rudolph21 Mar 21
Lol. This is such a funny reason. I have read A LOT of werewolf stories, but this introductionis so original. I'm laughing so hard omg
Love the original beginning. If I read one more story that starts with a girl waking up, I'll kill myself.
ariadneptune ariadneptune Dec 30, 2014
okay so this is amazing! I really, really like-no, love this! from the start to the end it captured my attention and I must admit I don't read a lot of werewolf stories, but yours is obviously an exception! amazing start to an outstanding story, now off to the next chapter :D