Devil's Lake

Devil's Lake

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Angela Merlo By light-in-darkness Completed

Her memories of drowning haunt her until Philip shows up. He has the power to calm her inner-demons and free her of her phobias, but at what cost?

It started with Alison's attempt to drown herself in Devil's Lake and ended with a hasty farewell as storm clouds brewed. Philip had claimed to be a childhood friend, but she has no memory of him. All she knows is that an inner tug kept pulling her close until he dared her to look him in the eye. And then-Zap! Her anxiety was gone. 

As weeks draw on from their only encounter, Alison finds herself becoming increasingly obsessed with him. Maybe if she drove out to the lake again, she'd find him, or perhaps he'd find her. That's what the new voice in her head keeps saying. But perhaps she only narrowly escaped. Perhaps returning to Devil's Lake is the last thing she should do. Perhaps a man who can compel anxiety away can influence the mind in other ways.


"I've always been blown away by the skill Angela displays in her writing. Devil's Lake is a paranormal story unlike any other. The main character is multi-layered and the plot unpredictable in every way. I'm dying to know what will happen!! " - @julietlyons - author of  #1 Best Selling book on Amazon: "Dating the Undead", and "True Love Ghost."

"This book kept me constantly guessing and speculating and I still was so shocked with the ending. I could barely tear my eyes away the last 2 or 3 days I have been reading. " - @HollowBrooke

"Honestly this book messed with my emotions but in an addictive way. I fell in love when the characters did and cried for their misery and went ecstatic for their few glimpses of happiness. " - @trace222

"This is one of the most amazing books I've ever read. So wonderfully written. It has touched me deep. " - @nehadevi

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Jacklyn Jacklyn Apr 17, 2017
OMG the trailer is amazing, I ❤️ the haunting song. I cannot wait to start!!
Nayumi_Nay Nayumi_Nay May 14, 2016
Your book cover is amazing.  It's what caught my attention.  I can't wait to read the rest of the chapters.
UniqueBabydoll16 UniqueBabydoll16 Apr 08, 2016
Awesome!!! What's the name of this song. Is this the edited version or not. I'm a little, OK maybe a lot, late.
Pinkforest1 Pinkforest1 Apr 28, 2016
The trailer caught my attention even before I read the description. Exceptional!
Sandrafairy Sandrafairy Mar 01, 2017
Soo i am 20 years old and i had my first anxious panic attack a few monthes back, i am better now! It felt like it would never go away but it did. I will make an attemt to read this book! Thankss
samanthagladiator10 samanthagladiator10 Mar 07, 2017
Actually my real name is MIA MIKAELA LEDON CATAPUSAN I just like the name samantha and the numbers are my birthday jan 21, 2006 what a coincidence!