Book I: Devil's Lake

Book I: Devil's Lake

336K Reads 11.6K Votes 29 Part Story
Angela Merlo By light-in-darkness Completed

A young woman tormented by anxiety meets a mysterious man with the gift to compel her fears away. But with his powers come questions about whether her feelings and decisions are actually her own. 

Alison Halse didn't know Mia hadn't intended to encourage her to commit suicide. She didn't know about the séance at the Man Mound or of the strange dark figure that had attacked Mia and her friends. Most of all, she didn't know of man who had penetrated Mia's mind and compelled her to encourage Alison to return to the lake. All she knew is that her cousin had told her to get it over with and walk into the lake.

Months later, Alison is finally doing it. A life controlled by intense anxiety disorders and depression can't be a life worth living, can it? But when Alison fails to follow through with her plan, a stranger appears. Philip Dussault. He claims to know her, and there's something about his eyes. When she meets them, she not only feels unnaturally drawn to him, but she finds a peace that destroys her anxieties. Only so long as she is within Philip Dussault's presence does she seem to have the ability to be the woman she wants to be, but the consequences are yet unknown. 

#3 in Paranormal 4/6/16
Ranks high in #paranormalromance and hashtags related to anxiety disorders
3rd place winner in @The_Night_Shift 's Killer First Scene contest (4/10/16)
CBY Book of the Month October 2014

"I've always been blown away by the skill Angela displays in her writing. Devil's Lake is a paranormal story unlike any other. The main character is multi-layered and the plot unpredictable in every way. I'm dying to know what will happen!!" -- @julietlyons , author of the frequent #1 ranking Wattpad paranormal story, "My True Love Ghost", and the "Dating the Undead" vampire series soon to be published by Source Books.

Cover Art:
Model: Marie Sirena
Photographer: Brian Kristoph, Natural Imaging

Nayumi_Nay Nayumi_Nay May 14, 2016
Your book cover is amazing.  It's what caught my attention.  I can't wait to read the rest of the chapters.
UniqueBabydoll16 UniqueBabydoll16 Apr 08, 2016
Awesome!!! What's the name of this song. Is this the edited version or not. I'm a little, OK maybe a lot, late.
pinkforest pinkforest Apr 28, 2016
The trailer caught my attention even before I read the description. Exceptional!
LexiLawton LexiLawton May 30, 2016
What a stunning cover! I can't wait to start reading this :)
uglyandnotproud uglyandnotproud Mar 07, 2016
woah so does this mean the first of the story will be drastically different than the rest? will it be confusing because it's so different, or is it more like simple errors and mistakes that were fixed?
CJLaurence CJLaurence Jan 22, 2016
I'm sold! Had this book in my library for ages! The second I read anxiety and depression, I knew I could wholly relate to this story! I cannot wait to get my teeth into this!