When a missing childhood friend is found dead, a woman begins to understand that she herself is lost.

  • friendship
  • marriage
  • motherhood
  • romance
JermynTheAfraid JermynTheAfraid Jan 03, 2017
Kitchener is a beautiful place. I never knew this story would be so close to my old home.
AshDOTmeh AshDOTmeh Jan 20, 2017
Hey! I'm a new Wattpad member and I'm trying to get heard around here. I really want to be a great writer like this author and I need your help. Can you read my story "Isolated" and tell me how to improve? Thanks! I hope you enjoy to who reads it!
WangluhLandhep WangluhLandhep May 25, 2016
Well since I dont know how to bookmark here, I just leave a comment here, dayum
So, lack of money to buy anything you please rather than what his own ass necessary???