Senior Summer Field Trip (KHR)

Senior Summer Field Trip (KHR)

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Lulu By lenuska99 Updated Jan 04, 2016

Tsuna is in class and he trying not to fall asleep. Then Reborn came to his class and say then Class 3-B is going to ITALY ... His last summer is ruined and he has his all class on neck. Then everything is even worse when the enemy family attacks them. But there is love too. So is this summer good or bad ?Follow Tsunu o his summer. 

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EugeniaOuyang EugeniaOuyang Feb 28, 2016
well normally Algebra is learned in 8th grade, but in Japan 3rd year of junior high is equivalent to 9th grade in US, though i suppose we can let it slide, since there are still tons of 9th graders taking algebra 1... not everyone is good at math. =)
GeekyWolf101 GeekyWolf101 Jul 21, 2016
Sorry. I just think it would seem better since you would I typically use that when talking. Sorry just trying to help. I'm not even sure if you changed it to that later on. However I really like the story so far. It's really good!!!
GeekyWolf101 GeekyWolf101 Jul 21, 2016
Are you putting letters in front of sentences and the end of them to indicate their talking? You could use these "Class, Reboyama-sensei has something to tell you, so make sure you listen to him!"
shugugaku shugugaku Jan 04, 2016
Tsuna is learning Pythagoras theorem in the 3rd year of middle school....
                              I learned that in around 6th or 7th grade...
Yogore_No_Nai Yogore_No_Nai Aug 08, 2015
Why are there so much 'g' 'h' and '?' everywhere? I'm feeling dizzy
Kurai_Sora Kurai_Sora Mar 29, 2015
dino 22 when tsuna was 14 so wouldnt that mean dino would be... 25?