Percy Jackson , Protector of Earth

Percy Jackson , Protector of Earth

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When things go downhill for our favorite hero, Percy Jackson, he leaves sight of the gods and demigods. Blessed by Chaos, he now patrols the Earth, protecting others, as well as running from a crazy hunter. But what happens when he is forced to return? Not your usual betrayed story.

BookishOak BookishOak Jan 08
Should have had him vapor travel out in a sea breeze. His body slowy disapearing.
Bookfluff Bookfluff Apr 10, 2016
Imagining thus and tried to laugh:
                              *Arty big huge anime eyes*
                              *falls off with and: oof*
                              *still sliding off staring and Percy*
                              *legs hanging over her head*
Bookfluff Bookfluff Apr 10, 2016
No just. Stop Annabeth. You can't fix this. So just stop. The damage is done. *voice shakes* just *starts sobbing* my ship. Why do people always sink my ship in these books? WHY!
InSpaceAndTime InSpaceAndTime Apr 16, 2016
I WOULD DECLINE!!!!!!!!! DON'T SAY THAT ABOUT ALL MALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CamperInTheCabin13 CamperInTheCabin13 May 31, 2016
*facepalm* nice way to show you're devotion and gratefulness for the titan war, annabeth
PuppyClan PuppyClan Jun 25, 2016
I would definitely decline if my friends weren't offered #I'm a girl #boys rule