The Bad Boy's Got Bets (COMPLETED)

The Bad Boy's Got Bets (COMPLETED)

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Jade Pesado was perfectly happy with her life, but when "bad boy" Ryder Steele moves in next door she doubts his family will be there long. But after an annoying family dinner, Ryder starts seeing her around school and pestering her for his own amusement, will they become friends or will she grow to hate him. Little does she know the bad boys got bets.

~ ~ sounds completely cliche, and it probably is but hey, give it a read because who doesn't love a good cliche story ~ ~


damonxox damonxox May 27
Girl ur lucky at least u have a best friend while I on the other hand don't even have a friend no more
Whoa... a book that has the (as far as I know spelt ) aussie spelling of mum? All my old books said mom ( flipping battle with autocorrect when i do that ). Maaaattteeeeeeeeeee this is sick
LiveLoveLaugh238 LiveLoveLaugh238 Jul 15, 2016
Why must I be an antagonist? I just ask that "Ashley" be nice for once. Im not that mean, and Im not even popular.😭
xXHeartlockeXx xXHeartlockeXx Mar 02, 2016
I screamed really loud when I saw that Colton Haynes was the lead role and Zac was also there and it was 3 in the morning
MichelleRankin MichelleRankin Jun 23, 2016
When I first read that I read "I'm not in the mood for cleaning too much carpet off my soda" lel that was my bad.  😂😂😂
michysushi09 michysushi09 Apr 03, 2016
I absolutely hate when a teacher asks a question! They like to put you in a spot and make you look stupid