Follow The Current

Follow The Current

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Megan By eternity_xx Updated Feb 04, 2017

•••Sequel to You Have No Idea, My Dear Alpha•••

••*•• "So you feel it too then?" He asks, his lips grazing my neck as he talks, causing more explosions.

"Feel what exactly?" I reply, my eyes closing.

He spins me around and pulls me in close to his chest, one of his hands wrapping around my waist and the other cupping my cheek.

He leans in close to my ear and whispers in a sexy, low voice, "Everything."

He then drags his lower lip along my cheek as he pulls back, causing a line of fireworks, and lets me go. Smirking, he walks away, leaving me flustered and internally asking for more. ••*••

Life is like a voyage.

Well at least that's how Callie Jackson sees it. Being a tiger shifter, she understands what it's like to be free, running with the wind on your face and just having the feeling of being able to go where ever you please.

All she is focused on it's getting good grades and moving sea bound, where her heart belongs. She doesn't know what her parents will think of this though, the great Samara and Ryder Jackson, Alpha and Luna of the Dark Moon Pack, and with her Brother Alec close to becoming the new Alpha, Callie needs to find a way to break the news gently.

But what happens when someone very unexpectedly crashes into their town? Literally.

And what if this someone has a dramatic affect on Callie?
She can't just abandon her dreams shes worked towards all her life.

But Cason Rivers is different, though he has a bad side, Callie can't help but fall into his charm and just him in particular.

Through drama, action, love, and some serious decision making, Callie's life suddenly takes a mighty big turn.

Because life is like a ship, sometimes you just need to follow the current.

•••Irregular occurring coarse language•••

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Gemini_Werewolves_7 Gemini_Werewolves_7 May 03, 2017
Ok this water thing is weird but whatever I'll go with the flow
if she’s sixteen and he’s two years older than her, shouldn’t he be eighteen?
swaggythepotato swaggythepotato May 10, 2017
I LOVED you have no idea my dear alpha, and I just descovered this. YOU ARE AN AMAZING WRITER
Nene0817 Nene0817 Sep 09, 2016
This is really good so far and I loved the first book, so I know that this is going to be an awesome book as well!
luluinab luluinab Dec 11, 2016
I'm a ginger and have long hair, but I wear it up all the time. My friends get so mad at me since they LOVE my hair. And I never wear it down
OneAwkwardPerson OneAwkwardPerson Dec 18, 2016
Why call her such a common nickname? I call my friend Abi, Abishvick (it's weird and unique XDDD)