Prince beyond the Stars (Percy Jackson/Son of Chaos Fan-Fiction)

Prince beyond the Stars (Percy Jackson/Son of Chaos Fan-Fiction)

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Chaos told me to never think of the moment again, but it was all I could ever do. Even after fivehundred years of immortality, it pained me as much like it just happened yesterday. And as much as everybody tried to make it better, they simply couldn't. I might be the highest commander of Chaos' Army, having done so many operations for him and even gotten my friends back from the land of the dead, but it couldn't make a difference. Because I was dead on the inside. I had died five hundred years ago, that day, when my life had changed for ever.

My name is Phi,

I am the Prince beyond the Stars.

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sunkissed_rain sunkissed_rain Aug 06, 2017
jr0503 jr0503 Apr 28, 2017
I was talking to my freind she said "I hate people. " I was like same. Then I said "But I'm not people I'm me. 
katrinaxoxoxo katrinaxoxoxo Jul 08, 2017
When do I not have fun reading .... oh that was a dark time (goes into a long depressing backstory)
firevoidfox firevoidfox Apr 12
I can't wait to read if you hint sarcasm then you've got major mental problems 
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                              Let's read this story woop woop
fandomnstuff fandomnstuff Jul 12, 2017
My friend says I do that......I dont least I don't think I do
SarcasticChaos SarcasticChaos Jul 25, 2017
Fear the man known as PHI!! I know, TREMBLE before his GLORY