Cuff Me, Officer.

Cuff Me, Officer.

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Ashley By KissTheKevin Updated Jun 20, 2014

23 year old Louis Tomlinson was a well-known cop in the city of London. He was recognized and respected by almost everyone.

Criminals feared him. All criminals, except one-21 year old Harry Styles. 

Harry was a troublemaker. You name it, chances are, he's done it-graffiti, shoplifting, possession of illegal substances, things of that sort. His father, a wealthy businessman, charms Harry's way out of being convicted, no matter how many times he's been arrested. But that all changes when Louis is stationed in Holmes Chapel. 

These two keep meeting up, and almost never on good terms. Strange feelings arise for both of the men. But a cop can't love a convict- right?

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weirdox weirdox Jun 14, 2015
crazy thing. i read this two years ago when i was 14 now i sit before my screen to read it once again now that i am 16. I remember loving it so hopefully it's still as wonderful!
jewlpickle jewlpickle Apr 24, 2014
Post another authors note when you finish? I want to reread.
who-cares who-cares Jan 04, 2014
Such a romantic story! I almost cried! I'm currently writing a Larry fan fic, so check it out if you want :)
daughterofposeidon23 daughterofposeidon23 May 07, 2013
What is this logic? Your profile says you`ve recieved 682 vote but this story have recived 683...
KissTheKevin KissTheKevin Feb 04, 2013
@Its_Just_mee Hello, and thank you for giving my story a chance! It isn't smutty, but I might make a smut chapter later, who knows...
Its_Just_mee Its_Just_mee Feb 04, 2013
i have not read this... but the name intrigued me so i shall read it before i go to bed tonight. i hope it is.... smutty ;) if not its okay... but that's why i clicked on it lol