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Light of the Midnight: You Are My Constellation (A Nightwing Fanfiction)

Light of the Midnight: You Are My Constellation (A Nightwing Fanfiction)

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Kaido❤️💙🔱 By KaidoKurahana Completed

"She'll take control of me. I can feel it." Emerald Star and Nightwing's happiness is about to change, with the return of the Light and Klarion, who will do anything to get revenge. The dark entity, Midnight, who sleeps inside Hana has begun to awaken. Will she find a way to stop her amongst the reign of chaos already happening? Being a Teal Heart, Hana can protect every star out there in the Universe. Now she will protect the most important star in her life; Dick Grayson.

She kinda reminds me of miss m. From the beginning of the show
knightlyblue knightlyblue Jul 25, 2016
My cousin wanted to dye her horse's mane blue and we talked her out of it.
Is_Queen Is_Queen Dec 08, 2016
The team repeated its self in some people. Tim like Dick. Misty like Hana. Wondergirl like M'gann. L'gann like Wally.
Is_Queen Is_Queen Dec 08, 2016
I don't like her the moment she said or did something out if line I would have smacked her
Hawkeyetrained1 Hawkeyetrained1 Nov 04, 2016
I love reading about emerald and dick life together it always makes my day!!!
I am going to ask if I can dye the white in my black and white can purple my mom is going to side with me while my dad saves her like usual