Hidden Secrets (manxman) (Completed)

Hidden Secrets (manxman) (Completed)

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D.R. / Demented Being / Didi By DiDi_XD Completed



Cameron was the crown prince of Arthymanya. He was also a closet gay. He came down to earth to hide away from his father, Sir Lebanon. He joined a normal high school and blended in well as a student..

Arthur finds his mate. He joins a school as a teacher. And the unexpected occurs.

What happens when these two meet?

VtaminSuga VtaminSuga Oct 22, 2016
Red lips? They say the color of your lips, it's the color of your butthole 8)
-lightless -lightless Aug 13, 2016
😂*screams deafeningly* Werewolves and Wizards?!!!!!!???!!!?
rainbow_peniiss rainbow_peniiss Jul 25, 2016
Dean Winchester? God damñ it you follow me everywhere now a days
littleshybooknerd littleshybooknerd Jul 08, 2016
More like your father came *giggles*
                              That was so lame of me... too bad I'm not sorry. I'm kidding! LOVE ME! FORGIVE ME! I hate myselfie...😧
Twinksters Twinksters Dec 13, 2015
The fashion in which you wrote that is so disappointing. Lol jk
Twinksters Twinksters Dec 13, 2015
At first I read do you want me to come on you and I was like 'tf???'