☄I'm In The Stars Tonight • [God of high school]☄

☄I'm In The Stars Tonight • [God of high school]☄

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❇[Jin mori//Oc] ❤
A girl, chiko sae - woo also known as Goddess of the hill, is a skilled fighter, who had won a lot of fights, she is a talented 16 year old woman who is gifted with a special power that is in her family. 

One day, Mori Jin went to a fight with his friends and he noticed the girl with a traditional kimono, a headband with flowers on the side, Glowing lightest blue eyes [Her eyes are red when in serious things.] and make up like a kitsune fox. He was stunned and amazed at her fighting, not only that, but her beauty and her smooth voice.

"She's so... Pretty. Who is she?" "That is.... Goddess of the hill, Also known as Chiko sae woo." One of his friends, Han Dae - wi said. Jin kept looking at her, and continued to watch her fight.

Chiko sae - woo was on her way to a parade that was happening today. apparently, jin bumped into the girl and she wore a Kaori and a dress that was Japanese like. "Hey, Are you okay?" He asked.

"Yes.. But it's really my fault for not paying attention." "No, it was my fault. I really should pay you." "No... No. it's fine." She said. "What's your name?" "JIN MORI...." "Chiko sae - woo."

And that's when the two met, and became really close to each other.

Allies -
Goddess angel
Goddess of the hill
Contagious killer
Kitsune cat
Neko - Chan
Owl - Chan
Ms. Don't - Talk - A - lots
Genius G.O.D brain