Don't let me go ( Destiel AU )

Don't let me go ( Destiel AU )

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Willow By ThickerThanWiskey Completed

Dean and Sam move again, new school, new house and two vampire nests nearby. The usual. But Dean's world changes when he saves a boy with blue eyes and a trench coat. Will they be brave enough to tell each other their feelings? And what will happen when John finds out his son, the one he is so proud of, is gay?

***Warning---There will be a bit of smut***

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salutati0ns salutati0ns Jun 28
No no my little Michael please run off to your evil boyfriend luci and be happy with no punching of poor little Cassie
I'm already 1000% done with John and it's only the fifth paragraph
Seems like my grandmother
                              Most reasons: she's abusive
whatever_assbutt whatever_assbutt Jul 26, 2016
¡unpopular opinion!: although dean very strongly implied that john was an abusive asshat, it is also very strongly implied that at some point he was a loving, caring, Great father who would do and sacrifice anything for his kids, and for that, I don't hate john Winchester.
John gets a lot if hate but in the end everything he did was for family smh.
KarlaAnahiX KarlaAnahiX Jan 16
I don't hate john at all. He wasnt a great father at all but he did love his kids