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Forrest Wyntek By forrest_wyntek Updated Aug 16, 2015

The third, final edited version of BDSM Academy/Free in Chains (hopefully).

Carissa Gayle doesn't understand why her family is so obsessed with BDSM. Submitting has never been her strong suit; she likes saying what she wants, when she wants, and no one's going to tell her otherwise. Until she's confronted by Ashton Blaine Springer, that is.

Blaine was raised to be a Dominant. BDSM is his life. So when he finds out Carissa Gayle is the daughter of an affluent BDSM family, of course he believes that she's a submissive. A summertime of exploring the Law of Attraction and each other is set in their future.

- - Feb 12, 2016
Boy. As an otaku i hate the main character now and i hope she dies.
creepagekibble creepagekibble Jun 13, 2016
Ok, this just struck a chord. My crush's name is Ashton, and we always used to go to a fair together.
MyaJennybio MyaJennybio Nov 22, 2016
I'm 5'1 and I like being short tbh 😊 it's fun slipping into small places I always make jokes about my shortness
Quinn_Winchester Quinn_Winchester Mar 30, 2016
I've read it, but that is some huge freaking spoilers dude WOW
AoiVicky AoiVicky Jan 11, 2016
Hey, I'm a girl and I game... :c xD LET'S PLAY COD TOGETHERRR
- - Nov 28, 2015
1971 sky hawk is a real car people, don't judge ne for knowing cars!