Anakin Skywalker's Return (Book 1) #Wattys2015 {Editing}

Anakin Skywalker's Return (Book 1) #Wattys2015 {Editing}

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My name is Anakin Skywalker and I, the Chosen One, destroyed the Jedi. I turned to the dark side. I am now a Sith. The very thing I swore to destroy.

What if Obi-Wan Kenobi didn't dismember Anakin with his lightsaber in the duel on Mustafar? What if Anakin Skywalker turned back to the light side after Padmé had the twins? What if Anakin never ended up in that black suit that gave him the Darth Vader identity? Then, what if something happened that nobody ever expected, occurred? 

This is the story of Anakin Skywalker after he turned to the dark side and then came back to the light side. 


[I don't own Star Wars, all of the characters and some of the plot belong to George Lucas.]

phantom_phan_2004 phantom_phan_2004 Dec 27, 2016
You know the book is amazingly written when you're already sobbing in chapter one
_raminkarimloo_ _raminkarimloo_ Feb 15, 2016
This isn't original. This is exactly what it says in the movie
adorablekitten_ adorablekitten_ May 20, 2016
Now THIS is the part of the movie that gets me sad. How many times I have felt this, I do not want to count.
arspnx arspnx Jan 09
The person he was trying to save, he choked. Tragic, it is.
DramioneFangirl02 DramioneFangirl02 Dec 19, 2016
Noooooo!! How many times have I seen this movie and I always dread this part😭😭
Phantom1880 Phantom1880 Aug 13, 2016
Dude, you just force-choked her!!! If anything, you are driving her away! Sorry, I've watched the movie, but still...