Princeton Am I in Love/Freaky Imagine

Princeton Am I in Love/Freaky Imagine

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Jazmyne By _LoveBugLeo_ Updated Jun 10, 2016

You are reading a book as Princeton is laying beside you but then takes the book out your hand n then rolls over ontop of you putting your hands above your head kissing you

y/n - jacob *kisses*

jacob- *takes off your shirt* we cnt tell *smirks*

y/n- promise *helps him take the rest of your clothes off* 

jacob- *fingering you in one hand and holding your arms with the other*

y/n- *moaning /breathing hard* jacob 

jacob- *kisses you as you cum on his fingers*

As Jacob was about to insert his dick you looked shocked at how big he was n stopped him

jacob- what's wrong?

y/n-... it's my first time

jacob- i'll go easy

y/n- it's not just that...

jacob- hmm

y/n- I want it to be a certain way 

jacob- whatever you want I can do it

y/n- I want you to make love to me

Jacob looked shocked n you look away ashamed

y/n- I knew that was stupid to ask

jacob- *lifts your chin* no it's not it's just that no girl has asked me that your so different I like that. Yall start kissing again so p...

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