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A Mute Rejected Mate

A Mute Rejected Mate

11.5M Reads 342K Votes 61 Part Story
Sam By twilight27 Completed

Lucy Mason didn't ask for her parents to be killed. She wasn't expecting it to happen, let alone being accused for killing them.

Over the years, Lucy is consumed with sadness, but still remains as strong as she can. 
That is until the new alpha Xavier Black turns out to be her mate. He gives her one glance of disgust before rejecting her. 
Lucy, heartbroken, finally has enough. 
She doesn't run away. She just gives up leaving her in a coma. 
When she wakes up, nobody was expecting the defiant, back-talking girl they abused for years 
To give up her voice and become mute.


PotatoTheCat- PotatoTheCat- a day ago
Oh and so... A "great fighter" died as soon as some rouges touched him...
                              And supposedly his daughter who I'm assume has little to no training in combat was able to murder both of them? 
                              Does lycanthropy make you an idiot or something?
Star12927 Star12927 Apr 16
I'm making a list of who I'm going to kill off from this book... Hmm... One more to add on
PotatoTheCat- PotatoTheCat- a day ago
I'm already in like the fourth paragraph of this book, and I can tell that yes MC your story is very classic.
PotatoTheCat- PotatoTheCat- a day ago
                              Imagine a story were she /did/ murder the parents
Hi:) would really appreciate it if someone could check out my first book on wattpad:) from a small writer
PotatoTheCat- PotatoTheCat- a day ago
Yes, one wolf totally could of taken on two strong werewolves in human form. 
                              This pack is literally filled with a bunch of idiots. I mean, with werewolf strength & speed the parents would have to be standing there waiting for the blows to hit.