Darlingpan One Shots

Darlingpan One Shots

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hayhay8710 By hayhay8710 Updated Feb 21, 2016

Peter Pans POV

I looked at her for what I knew was the last time. Her eyes looked at me like they were hurt I could tell she knew what was going to happen. 

"What are we doing here Peter?" She asked.

"You can leave, leave the island you are useless I thought you had the heart of the truest believer but I was wrong. leave!" I said more hurtfully then I wanted to but if I had said it nicer she wouldn't have left. 

"No I still want to be here."

" Why Wendy it's evil here? You should go home where you're parents are. Why would you want to stay?"

" Because I love you." she spoke and moved closer, did she really, or did she just want to stay on the island for magic. 

"No you don't, " 

" yes I do, "and as she spoke she put her hand on my cheek I slowly gave into her I wrapped my arms around her hips and kissed her cheek she hugged me back and locked her arms around my neck. I slowly started to kiss her neck and and then came back to her mouth and kissed her softly and then less softly...