The Alpha's Protected Mate

The Alpha's Protected Mate

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LadyJeze By LadyJeze Updated Aug 02, 2016

Maybe they could help to cloak my scent for a moment so I could gather my wits and remember how and where to hid in this huge palace.

"Cassandra, what's wrong?" Ariana asked startled by my sudden appearance.

"Man. Chasing me. In the hall," I answered out of breathe and still freaked out, that was the worst thing I have ever experienced. I was just calming down when I was grabbed from behind, I began to scream my lungs out.

"No, no, please let me go. Please," I begged, I just needed an hour to myself to come to terms with this. 

"Ssh, ssh! I'm sorry but my Alpha needs you," cooed the man carrying me. I was still scared but he put his hand over my mouth when I didn't stop screaming. He put me down in front of a man larger than him and I lost my balance and almost fell but he caught me mid-air and crushed me against his chest, I felt the sparks and Miranda was screaming and howling within me.

"It's you." 

Alpha Mason couldn't wait to find his mate and protect and love her, but when he finds Cassandra he won't let her out of his sight for eve a second. How will these to unlikely couple go along?

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GamerGirl8198 GamerGirl8198 Aug 28, 2016
Um… what? Like the dad marks her? Or am I missing something?
- - Sep 26, 2016
Oh sure just go ahead, don't ask her or anything, you know that's cool.
Nerd_Lord Nerd_Lord Jul 12, 2016
For some reason, I thought of Miranda Sings. Now, all I can think of is Miranda Sings portraying her wolf! I can't stop laughing!
barbie66 barbie66 Jun 09, 2016
Wowwwwww! ! ! ! ! He is blooooody quick to claim her? ? ? ? 😯😯😯
rudolph21 rudolph21 Jul 23, 2016
~When he rips out your throat with his teeth~❤ #justgirlythings
fvreign-thoughts fvreign-thoughts Jul 23, 2015
This is the first sorry I've read where they mark at first sight like all other stories claim their suppose too.