The Alpha's Young Mate (Editing)

The Alpha's Young Mate (Editing)

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Stephanie💙 By Stephanie_RomeroCruz Completed

Alpha Blake is 17 years old, he's never found or has met his mate, that is until he spots Maya at the park she turns out to be his mate except for one problem she's 14.

Then something just clicks between them.
But their parents refuse because of their age...but with the help with April Mayas best friend they have late night encounters.

But one more problem they don't know that he's a werewolf more or less know that he's the Alpha who's being hunt down by rouges that revenge so they attack him where it hurts more. His young mate Maya... 

But what happens when he shifts in front of them since April was there with them? Now that they know his secret they will experience heart breaks, war, mysteries, and more join them as they go through many twits and turns. Will they be able to overcome it all?

  • action
  • comedy
  • complicated
  • romance
  • vampires
  • war
  • witches
  • younglove
- - Dec 01, 2017
A 14 year old? It's really not that young but kind of their is only a 3 year old gap my parents are 4 years apart ? I'm confused
jhefli0353 jhefli0353 Jan 05, 2017
Me when I'm procrastinating cause nobody got time today to do stuff but tomorrow maybe
_S_u_i_c_i_d_e_ _S_u_i_c_i_d_e_ Aug 12, 2016
Isn't it funny how its Rowen  Blanchard playing as a girl named Maya?
AgustMeh AgustMeh May 27, 2016
"O yeah run little girl but I WILL find you and haunt you down muhahahahaha."
                              Yup that is him
emptyxpromises emptyxpromises Feb 12, 2016
Does no one else realize it kinda sounds like the cast for "Girl Meets World" and the main character is named Maya.
CocoCrippen CocoCrippen Jan 26, 2016
I'm gonna vote and comment on all the chapters on this book and if i forget sorry!!! *awkward emoji*
                              I think its rowan blanchard!!! I hope things go well in the book. Unlike other books, this story has me wanting to know more... sorry if that meant any offense to anyone else