Washed Up ≫ A.I

Washed Up ≫ A.I

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I want to be famous By HappilyRae Completed


On New Years day a cruise ship full of hundreds of innocent people find themselves trapped in the middle of a powerful ocean storm. The ship is hit and under taking a deadly ending while rumors about the Captain abandoning ship circle the panic. Now, seven strangers find themselves alone and stranded on a deserted island in the middle of the deep pacific. Leaving just the two best friends, an unfortunate boy, two doctors in training, an old man and an Australian alone with no guidance of this mysterious island.

Hopeless love triangles form within the group, and friendships begin to shatter because of it. This island slowly turns this abandoned group of people into the lord of the flies as they struggle to work together and get off this damned island. Find out who lives or who dies in the newest adventure based Fanfiction, Washed Up.

©HappilyRae 2014

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TheSocialCasualtyss TheSocialCasualtyss Mar 30, 2016
At first i was pretty skeptical, (cause I always am when I'm starting something new) but now I AM SO PUMPED
skittle_95 skittle_95 Oct 03, 2016
I got to chapter 25 and decided to watch the trailer. Geez, Tyson is cute ☺ but Ash is cuter😳
irwinshield irwinshield Jun 05, 2016
FandomsUnite123 FandomsUnite123 Jan 15, 2017
Bring it to my mom, she's like a jedi master at getting out stains
basic___fangirl basic___fangirl Jan 25, 2016
I saw the trailer on youtube and I was like I HAVE TO READ IS
thefault_in_5sos thefault_in_5sos Aug 18, 2015
This will be the fanfic that I will will read on my 6 hour bus ride