My Eyes Pick Up What Most Leave Behind

My Eyes Pick Up What Most Leave Behind

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tearsoftheweepingsea By tearsoftheweepingsea Completed

Scarlett, the main character, can interact with ghosts. Filled with drama, ghosts, and maybe even romance, you will meet Scarlett and her closest friends, Erick and Alice. They all have one thing in common.....

Ghosts come to Scarlett all the time for help, but sometimes it's just too much. Will a car crash at the end bring Scarlett and Erick closer, or tear them apart?

This is my oldest story, and nowhere near my best. I highly suggest you read the others first. xD

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tearsoftheweepingsea tearsoftheweepingsea Aug 25, 2012
@TheFamousUnknown Oh, really? That's so cool! And quite the coincidence. xD
TheFamousUnknown TheFamousUnknown Aug 25, 2012
i think its kinda funny that my names Scarlett, and i see ghosts too...
                              thats why i wanted to read this! :3
tearsoftheweepingsea tearsoftheweepingsea Feb 03, 2011
@Connects Nah, I don't. But i've had experiences and i have friends that do. Cool stuff!
                              And thanks, that means a lot :D
Katrinarose21 Katrinarose21 Feb 02, 2011
Do you see ghosts? I do! I like your story, please write more.
tearsoftheweepingsea tearsoftheweepingsea Sep 25, 2010
@bittasweet_aftataste Dont worry! I have ya covered! I thought of you. but i'm going to have to wait until i type my next chapter. Trust me, i wouldnt just leave that masterpiece non-shouted-out. :)
bittasweet_aftataste bittasweet_aftataste Sep 24, 2010
Hey bruh, don't forget to gimme a shoutout so I can get more covers to make :)