Sometimes After

Sometimes After

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wayne By amygdala- Updated Oct 08

「 sometimes #1 」

Vincent Jones  is not comfortable with change. For the past three years, Vince has been with his gang: the closest friends he's ever had for as long as he can remember. He's beyond ecstatic to be spending his senior year with his best friends, and although he sometimes feels as if he's friends with them by pure accident, Vince is happy either way. 

When Vince's parents, two in-demand Hollywood producers, get called away overseas for a long production, they tell Vince that he'll be spending his senior year in the town of Rainer's Glen. Away from home, away from his friends, away from his life. Vince knows that he can't change his parents' mind, so he has no choice but to go along with it. 

What Vince doesn't know, is that the best times of our lives may happen sometimes after something we don't like happens. In Rainer's Glen, Vince will come to know what it means to have friends, to love himself, and to love another.