The Things we Borrow

The Things we Borrow

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yujin01 By yujin01 Updated Nov 20, 2014

(It's more of a like 18+ book, there is some mature content so be warned, not my fault if I scar you for life, you can blame those bloody teachers that taught us all FLE)

Andy Sherwood's best friend, Fiona Kelly is in love with Caleb Reynolds, whom Andy hates, but little does Fiona know that Andy has a huge crush on Caleb's older brother, Carter. When Andy actually gets noticed by Caleb, Caleb starts taking an interest in her instead of Fiona. And then Devin Aster enters the picture, trying to win her heart. Can Andy juggle three hearts at once? Will Fiona and Andy's friendship remain when a shocking betrayal is revealed with Fiona as the ringleader? 

"Hasta la vista biatch" -Andy Sherwood

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