Powerpuff Princess and Rowdyruff Thieves Z

Powerpuff Princess and Rowdyruff Thieves Z

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Ms. Writer By VanniSong Updated Oct 18, 2014

In the kingdom lived the most beautiful girls. Also the most handsome boys. In the castle lived Princess Momoko, Princess Kuriko, King and Queen Akatsutsumi themselves.

Back in the village lived The Matsubara Family. The only girl was Kaoru Matsubara. She had short raven hair and lime green eyes. A tough girl she was both never the less beautiful.

Next was Miyako Gotokuji. Probably the most beautiful girl you'll ever see in your life. She had golden blond hair and sky blue eyes. She was nice and loved by everyone.

Then there's Usa. A girl born with Brown hair and purple eyes. She was loved by some.

Then Allison and Anabeth they aren't sisters but they might as well be. Anabeth had short brown hair matching her eyes. Allison had blond hair with dark blue eyes.

Cambell and Joseph. The two are like brothers and have know Anabeth and Allison for years.

All was not happy in the kingdom. There lived four thieves in the kingdom.

Brick was the oldest. He was the most reckless with his b...