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Kidnapped by my Alpha Mate

Kidnapped by my Alpha Mate

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Killer_penguins By Killer_penguins Updated Feb 08

Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors, and at the Anderson residence there is no exception. 

Ashley Anderson is a loving yet strong minded girl, not one to be pushed around, or at least that's what everybody thinks. Due to her father being Alpha of the dark star pack, Ashley has always been poplar amongst her peers and teachers throughout her years in school. She has a kind heart, good intentions, straight A's and she would never harm a fly. Nobody has a bad word to say about her. 

But that's because they don't know her. Not really.

Ashley has been living with an abusive Father ever since her mother passed away in a battle against a neighbouring pack three years ago, and it was as if since then, her life has gone up in flames. Not even her best friend knows what is happening to her, she can't tell anybody. But what happens when the infamous heartbreaker, Alpha Greyson Smith from a neighbouring pack joins Ashley's highschool and starts asking questions? What happens when she grows strong feelings for somebody she knows practically nothing about? How will they react when they find out that they are mates?

Read to find out!

Warning, Contains mature language, may contain sexual scenes and self harm.

_PhanicAtTheRomance_ _PhanicAtTheRomance_ Aug 15, 2016
I thought it was Lucas 😂😂 yeah I know he was one but yeh know
stonexqveen stonexqveen Jul 26, 2016
Lol when I'm late I'll go to school in my pj's for all I care but that's just me😂😂😂
readingitall101 readingitall101 Jul 23, 2016
Um ok so i have two question. If nobody knows that yet then why do you think you're the best fighter if you haven't fought anyone? And also if he were to beat you everyday then you're supposed to be sick so how exactly are you "resilient"
stonexqveen stonexqveen Jul 25, 2016
Is it bad I have no idea who he is?!?😂
                              Hold up gonna research brb😂
stonexqveen stonexqveen Jul 26, 2016
Alright I'm back, y'all know the deal by now I comment on every single chapter😂😂😂 I know how that sounds but whatever
                              Let's get it!
ThatOneLittleBunny ThatOneLittleBunny Aug 20, 2016
Isnt 'A' like a cult of people after them?  Or is it that one black girl..?