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Adorable Little Sweets Demon

Adorable Little Sweets Demon

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ThePurpleDragon By ThePurpleDragon Updated Jan 09

Small Karino Makoto is new to Ouran Academy. She's shy, reserved, and a musical prodigy. When in front of her music, she's someone else. Karino can conquer any instrument she wants, and everyone knows it. 

Karino is basically another Mitsukuni Haninozuka. She's a martial arts champion, loves sweets and naps, and hates being woken up. Her only weakness is her friends and family. 

She greatly respects her older brother, Watanuki Makoto. That's because there's no one else for her at home. Her mother was dead and her father was abusive, not that anyone but Karino knew though. 

When she meets the host club, how will she react to her new found family and the little blonde who promised to protect her?

"Karino wants cake. And Karino will get cake. Now stand down before you are forced down."

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*The Host Club (minus my OCs) and the scenes from the anime do not belong to me*

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wolfy1345 wolfy1345 May 04, 2016
What was it again? Yuki Natsu? THAT B!7€h!!  HOW DARE SHE!!!  Anywho great chapter can't wait for another, please excuse that language used :3