I'm Sorry (SasuNaru fanfic)

I'm Sorry (SasuNaru fanfic)

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Sasuke Uchiha By SasukeUchiha_ Completed

Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki have their last and final fight. With Sasuke Uchiha winning their very fatal fight, but he had feelings for his blond friend. He was to late since he killed his love and falls in depression? Wishing he haven't killed his lover that he secretly love, but one day, something happens. That makes Sasuke Uchiha get out of his long depression. 

(( This book might be short or long.

Do NOT own Naruto. Masashi Kishimoto does ))

ChibiVivi2246 ChibiVivi2246 Apr 12, 2017
arazumaki arazumaki Apr 09, 2017
Lol I shouldn't have cried but then My sister was a playing a fuckin sad song guh T^T
Suga_For_Your_Tae Suga_For_Your_Tae Aug 05, 2017
I feel like I'm the only one laughing while screaming 'IT WAS AT THIS MOMENT... THE DUCKASS KNEW HE FÛCKED UP!' Yep, my little sis is looking at me wierdly now.
Suga_For_Your_Tae Suga_For_Your_Tae Aug 05, 2017
Ohhhhhhh. He brother-zoned your ass, nigga. That's gotta sting.
LookinGood909190 LookinGood909190 Oct 20, 2017
Aren't they still genin? They were away from the village and never became chunin...
                              Poor them.
ShinChan20 ShinChan20 4 days ago
*yells Sasuke's name in Naruto's voice*