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The Duke's Bride <3

The Duke's Bride <3

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sweetheart_xo By sweetheart_xo Updated Jun 12, 2012

Caitlin is beautiful, talented and smart.. An elite debutante in London's ton. When misfortune strikes and she is put in a very compromising position Alexi,  the young boy she'd grown up with her whole life decides to rescue her in her time of need and they begin a journey filled with twists and turns, love and loss, pirates and magic.. and Caitlin learns what it takes to be The Duke's Bride.

TshirtsRin TshirtsRin Aug 19, 2011
@sweetheart_xo thats alrite, :3 i thought his name was pronounced like that anyways. But when see alexi i always read it as alikai. sounds exotic doesnt it? yeh well i got it from a corny japanese cartoon xD it better be exotic.
sweetheart_xo sweetheart_xo Aug 16, 2011
@TshirtsRin I'm sorry I'm late answering.. His name is 'Alexander' which you'd say the right way, but Alexi is like.. (uhh-lex-ee) I guess that looks silly but I don't know a better way of putting it. (:
ForsaketheBook ForsaketheBook Jul 07, 2011
This one felt rushed, in a way it shouldn't have. Devlin is funny, but i Kind of had a minute where I was like....WHO IS THIS GUY? But I don't get why caitlin slapped him when she could have just hissed at him how stupid he was or something. But I guess I'll have to read ahead to see what happens...
sweetheart_xo sweetheart_xo Jul 07, 2011
@TremaineRaisa  if he'd actually finished what he started he could've been hung. Or her brother or father would've had to call him out. the rules were so strict the simple fact that she left her chaperone to be with him alone could have potentially ruined her reputation. (even though he's at fault) 
sweetheart_xo sweetheart_xo Jul 07, 2011
@TremaineRaisa thanks so much for reading and for your input, I guess you will just have to find out if she ends up with Alexi or not ;) i keep trying to read over some of my favorite books to get the hang of writing like the real historical romance writers do.. its hard! (: 
Jonnella Jonnella May 29, 2011
I'm looking forward to the next chapter in your book I am on edge of my seat  waiting to  read it. And I don't no if it okay for me to give u suggestions so let me no.