Griever Girl

Griever Girl

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Magic Unicorn By I_am_Awesome007 Completed

Amy Heart was like the others, she was forced into the maze tests, but there was something very off about her. Her first day she tried to run into the maze, what will happen if she makes it in? What will happen if she stays? And what will happen to poor little Amy Heart?

                                    (All three books!)	

	(I don't own "Maze Runner" but I do love it so I thought, why not? And now I made this, it's my first Fanfic so, yea)

Under Editing ~ okay maybe not because I'm a lazy piece of shit

MadCatRoses MadCatRoses Aug 09
I love the cover art for your story which is also awesome. She's got nerve. ✌
madimadimadimadimadi madimadimadimadimadi Oct 02, 2015
I loved this omg wow just omg omg omg excuse me while I read everything you have written involving this.  Not stalking lol!
- - Dec 30, 2014
Is minho jelly? Is gally blushing? Did alby smile? MY GODS WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE WORLD!!!??
- - Dec 30, 2014
*claps* WOOHOO!! You know a lot more then the shuck faces !! This just proves that us girls are WAY more intelligent