OHSHC x reader x Black Butler

OHSHC x reader x Black Butler

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Madeline Williams By _Madeline__Williams_ Updated Sep 29, 2014

(F/N) (surname) was Ciel's Demon maid. He made a Contract with her, so she would forever be by Ciel's side.  Ciel is a Demon, along with Alois, and everyone else except Shinigami and Angels.  Lizzy already died and obviously this is Modern.

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I own the story plot and ideas.  So please don't steal

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Moonblaze100 Moonblaze100 May 19, 2017
Well, I guess we have to get along because if we don't everything might just go to Hell... possibly literally.
SaneOtaku SaneOtaku Sep 16, 2017
Ciel... staph naming demons after animal's or I'll tell sebby he was named after a dog .3.
ShadowHeartTheWolf ShadowHeartTheWolf Sep 12, 2017
Too bad it was a loong time ago but everyone is still alive because they are either angels demons or reapers. The phantomhive servents are angels
CreatorSaniya CreatorSaniya Apr 11, 2017
Lolololol, "Get along you two." Ciel said coldly, "Okay" You and Bassy said in unison
Ohhc4evr Ohhc4evr Aug 14, 2016
Rin. A fitting name for a fox, if you ask me. I honestly raised one(which is sitting with me in my closet now) and I named her Rin. It means "bell" over in Japan.
nyhlakitty21 nyhlakitty21 Jun 26, 2016
You really would name someone Ari? I really dislike the rest so I use Ari.