Worth It, A SoKeefe Unlocked Fanfiction

Worth It, A SoKeefe Unlocked Fanfiction

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WarriorsFan By SokeefeAsAlways Updated 3 days ago

Sophie's has been waiting weeks for her hair obsessed prankster of a friend to wake up, (though we all know he's much more than a prankster) When he finally wakes up drama ensues, sweet Sokeefe moments arrive, heartache with Fitz appears,  Find out who Sophie's father is and Glimmers identity, enjoy Keefe's new mentor(s),  And minor Dexiana/Tiana moments, main focus is Sokeefe and Keefe's new ability.  

"Did you mean it?" Keefe said suddenly, doubt creeping into his tone. But also something else. Something she couldn't quite put her finger on.

"Mean what?" Sophie asked, feeling dread creep throughout her as she thought up a million possibilities as to what he could mean.

"When you said that you needed... when you said that bangsboy came to visit me." Keefe said.

"Yes that's..." Sophie started talking until she saw Keefe was staring at someone behind her. She felt Keefe quickly take his hand back off of her cheek.

"What's wrong?" Sophie asked, as she started to turn around. But she didn't need him to answer, because right behind her were two figures. One looking delighted and the other looking... not so happy. It was Ro. And Fitz. 

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