I'm Not Yours, Alpha GXG

I'm Not Yours, Alpha GXG

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pretty rad By xXFallen_EmpireXx Updated Feb 01, 2016

"She flashed me a smug grin and strutted off, leaving a trail of dumbfounded on lookers and one very, very flustered me."

Ashley McKinley was just an average girl, living with her loving mother while her dad was serving in the military. What happens when her dad's deployment has them moving from sunny Miami, Florida to cloudy Corvallis, Oregon?

Now throw in Hunter Ellis, the cocky Alpha with a devilish smirk. When Hunter finds out her mate is a girl, she'll do anything to make sure the poor girl has nothing else on her mind.

justplaintired justplaintired Feb 25, 2016
I couldn't stand the heat(one of the reasons I moved away from Texas) I like cold alot better.
AreYouKiddingMe1518 AreYouKiddingMe1518 Dec 20, 2016
Skip first period and go find the second. You'll be ready by the time the bell rings
Yuri-Grandma Yuri-Grandma Feb 26, 2016
This is the first book that I read on Wattapad that stated Florida...... Or Miami Florida to be expected. Now I shall talk in my non-Floridian accent and voice act EVERYTHING Mwhahahahahhaha.....
magic_is_really_real magic_is_really_real Aug 29, 2016
Pls stop you are injuring my poor gay mind, what has it ever done to you?
5elements 5elements Mar 28, 2015
In which a song called Ashley by Escape the Fate comes to my mind and I won't be able to get it out.
XjarxofxheartsX XjarxofxheartsX Nov 09, 2014
Hehe I think there are much more.... Private.... Things in the deepest parts of your mind >.<